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General Aviation

The airfield at Bert Mooney is also home to several businesses. 

Butte aviation


Butte Aviation is the premier FBO in Southwest Montana. With  a passion for flying, Butte Aviation goes the extra mile to ensure your trip is perfection.

Service Available Include:

  • Jet A and AvGas 100LL

  • Heated Hangars/ Rental Hangars

  • Catering

  • De Ice (Type 1 )

  • And much more, check out the website or call us for details...

Contact Us

T: 406.494.6694

F: 406.494.6698

Butte Aviation WebSite



Training the Best to be Better, The Peak provides training for military, climbing and rope rescue, wilderness medicine, backcountry travel, leadership training and more.

Contact Us

Life Flight


Life Flight Network is a nationally recognized air medical transport service covering a large part of Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Montana, all while never losing sight of its core mission – to serve the community by providing critical care transportation to ill or injured patients in a safe, compassionate, efficient, and expeditious manner.

Contact Us

Emergency Number: (800) 232-0911

Non-Emergency Number (800) 232-0911

Email Contact Page

Life flight Network


The Bert Mooney Airport has building sites for lease for the construction of general aviation hangars or aeronautical businesses. The sites can vary in size to accommodate small private aircraft up to and including large private/corporate jets.  For more information please call the Airport Administration Office at 406-494-3771. 


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